Arizona will wear Nike uniforms through 2025 under a new deal announced Wednesday.


Have you ever wondered how much it costs the Arizona athletic department to produce those snazzy helmets the Wildcats wear? 

Well, now you have an answer.

In a really cool article on today, Uni Watch's Paul Lukas interviewed seven different equipment managers around the country about the helmet craze in college football. One of the men he talked to was Arizona's Wendell Neal, the director of equipment operations at the UA. 

Arizona has four different helmets to choose from this season—copper, blue, red and white. Neal estimated to Lukas that it costs $50,000 to produce one set of helmets. "Just ballpark, I would budget about 50 grand for a set of helmets. Now, we don't have the liquid chrome or anything like that—those cost more. But we have four different color shells, and those would be about $50,000 for each set." 

There's plenty more in the article from Neal in there. It's worth a read. 

Some other links to pass along on this fine Friday morning:

• The always insightful Phil Steele put together his midseason All-Pac 12 teams this week. Only two Arizona players—Ka'Deem Carey and Tra'Mayne Bondurant—make appearances. Both were second-team selections. Still did three teams each for offense, defense and special teams.

• Speaking of Bondurant, we led our notebook with him today. The junior safety hasn't seen much action his way the past two games after a hot start and is hopeful Utah comes after him a bit on Saturday. 

• Bill Connelly from SB Nation has a good shakedown today on the Pac-12 and asks if it's the best conference in college football right now? The numbers say it might be.

• If you missed Rich Rodriguez's interview with Seth Davis that aired on Monday, here's the full video. It's just short of 30 minutes and has some good stuff in there.