Since taking over as Arizona's head coach, Rich Rodriguez has shown that he has no problem laughing at himself. It started last summer when he starred in "Hard Edge." 

He showed off his dancing skills at the end of fall camp in a locker room team dance-off and during the season, he teamed up with Wibur T. Wildcat in a short, but brilliant "This is Arizona football" video.

Today, the head coach took it to a whole new level with the program's latest Youtube sensation.

Rodriguez teamed with Matt Dudek, the UA's director of player personnel and on-campus recruiting, to spoof the movie "Speed" and mock the NCAA's proposed defensive substitution rule. 

Rodriguez plays the role of Keanu Reeves, while Dudek plays the villainous Dennis Hopper. 

The video, while hilarious, reinforces Rodriguez's view on the proposed rule change, which would make offenses wait 10 seconds to snap the ball on every play so defenses can make subs. The NCAA has said that it's a player safety issue, while Rodriguez has continually said it's coaches using personal agenda to change a fundamental rule of football. 

The rule is likely to be shot down on Thursday when the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel meets. Rodriguez has been very vocal about his dislike of the rule and has conducted several national interviews on the matter. The video appears to be his final punch in the fight.