Forty years before becoming the university’s head football coach, Buddy Pough attended a laboratory-style elementary school on the South Carolina State campus.

On Saturdays, he’d march behind the Bulldogs’ band before football games.

When it was time to pick a place to play football, Pough’s parents, both SCSU graduates, were clear about their preference.

“They were going to be here on Saturday,” Pough said, “whether I was playing or not.”

Before being named the head coach in 2001 after five seasons at the University of South Carolina, Pough played for the Bulldogs team that was at the center of campus culture in Orangeburg, S.C.

“When you’re from the town, and you went to games here,” he said, “it was all you knew.”

The Arizona Wildcats will learn about it for the first time Saturday.

When the Bulldogs (1-1) take the field at Arizona Stadium, they will become the first-ever Historically Black Colleges and Universities team to play the against UA.

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