Written on signs throughout Nevada’s locker room, on the playbooks distributed each week and on handbooks handed out every year are three distinct goals.

“Coach (Chris) Ault is a goal-oriented leader, and I love that about him, to be able to see those goals in front of you,” tackle Jeff Nady said. “They start with, win your in-state rivalry.

“Our next one was to win the Mountain West Conference. The last is to win a bowl game.”

The Wolf Pack beat UNLV but didn’t win their league.

“We can still finish our season two out of three,” Nady said.

When they play the Arizona Wildcats in the Dec. 15 New Mexico Bowl, the Wolf Pack will be participating in their eighth straight postseason game.

“This becomes a signature game against a Pac-12 team,” Ault told reporters Monday. “The beauty of this bowl game is that there’s no motivation needed. They’re a good football team.”


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