UA President Robert Shelton, right, who celebrated a field goal against Oregon with then-athletic director Jim Livengood in November, said goodbye to him a month later. James Gregg/Arizona Daily Star 2009

Having met with his seven-person advisory committee twice, UA president Robert Shelton appears to have candidates for the next athletic director in his hands.

The committee gave the president a list of names and attributes, chair Stephen MacCarthy said. University officials would not reveal who is on the list, and Shelton said Monday he has not met with candidates "in detail."

"We've looked at a series of folks that we thought we might want to think about," said MacCarthy, the UA's vice president for external relations. "We've talked to the president and offered some suggestions on the general characteristics we thought were most important. He was going to work from the list of recommendations that we gave him."

MacCarthy said the chance of another committee meeting is "open-ended," depending on what Shelton finds.

"He's going to have some conversations - and may do that very soon - with some of the people that are on the list we passed forward," he said. "At the point that we are right now, it's hard to say whether or not there would be some additional names."

The committee Shelton picked, according to documents obtained by the Star, is comprised of Fine Arts dean Jory Hancock, business professor Lehman Benson, physiology professor Heddwen Brooks, booster David Smallhouse, Intercollegiate Athletics Committee member Janis Gallego, student body president Chris Nagata and MacCarthy.

MacCarthy said the search is "not going to drag out," but he needed to be discreet.

The Wildcats should make a hire before July 1. If an athletic director has not been selected by then, interim athletic director Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose's $350,000 contract would be automatically renewed for another year, or until a replacement is found.

Former UA athletic director Jim Livengood accepted UNLV's athletic director position Dec. 17.

Star reporter Becky Pallack contributed to this report.