Backlash over ASU’s new ‘Sparky’ grows

2013-03-11T09:45:00Z 2013-03-11T10:38:24Z Backlash over ASU’s new ‘Sparky’ growsThe Associated Press The Associated Press

Arizona State University administrators are getting backlash from students and alumni who dislike the new version of Sparky the Sun Devil, the school’s costumed mascot.

There’s been criticism aplenty on social media and the campus newspaper says the new Sparky looks like a villain who would scare children.

ASU nipped and tucked its 61-year-old mascot with help from Disney with the intent to modernize the look and make Sparky more kid-friendly. A Disney artist drew ASU's cartoon devil character in 1946.

The student government may conduct a referendum on Sparky next month.

A senior university administrator will meet with students to discuss the situation, ASU President Michael Crow says.

The new Sparky was unveiled at a March 1 news conference and is to appear at a spring football game in April.

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