Peter Tiberio stared at the photocopied map he held above his bicycle handlebars.

East of the Lost Barrio, he was hopelessly lost.

And when Campbell Ave. turned into Kino Parkway at Broadway, Tiberio got even more confused.

His errand that day was strange enough: the freshman was going to try out to for UA rugby, a sport he’d never once seen.

He was a good football, baseball and basketball player back home in Illinois, and thought it could be fun.

But he didn’t know anyone else trying out.

He could turn around and pedal home, unable to find the field, and no one would miss him.

“Forget this whole thing,’” he thought.

He decided, though, he’d give himself another minute to find Rincon Vista, the Wildcats’ home.

“Luckily,” he said, “I decided to keep searching.”

Four-and-a-half years later, Tiberio became one of the first 11 U.S. Olympic hopefuls being compensated to train for Rugby Sevens’ debut in the 2016 Games.

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