Arizona Daily Star photo illustration by Ron Medvescek and Kori Rumore

SPOKANE, Wash. - Arizona’s winter trip to the Palouse has been something of a reputation-maker for UA centers, a we’ve-got-more-than-little-guys statement from the big men of Point Guard U.

Joseph Blair had a 19-point, 16-rebound double-double at Wazzu in 1995.

Ben Davis almost matched that, 18-14, a year later.

Channing Frye finished his Wildcat career by making 11 of 13 shots, scoring 26 points at Friel Court in 2005.

And Derrick Williams put his signature on an Arizona victory in Pullman with a 17 point, 19-rebound double-double.

Tonight will be freshman center Kaleb Tarczewski’s debut at WSU, and it’s a bit unrealistic to think he’s on the verge of a breakout game this early in his college days. After all, he has attempted just 4.6 shots per game, and never more than nine.

But he’s getting there, don’t you think?

After Thursday’s 57-53 victory at Washington, Tarczewski emerged from the UA locker room with ice taped to his knee, a souvenir from what was probably his best game since leading the 28-2 St. Mark’s Lions to the New England Preparatory School championship 10 months earlier.

“It was a battle,” Tarczewski said, leaning against a wall. “And I love to battle.”

Read more about Tarczewski's development in Saturday's Arizona Daily Star. Also, join a live chat with your fellow UA fans during the game at 8 p.m. Saturday at