The Russian Swing sounds like a torture device or a World War II tactical maneuver.

Or something your buddy would say after a bar fight: “Yeah, and then I gave him the Russian Swing, and he didn’t bother us no more.”

What the Russian Swing is, in fact, is terrifying: imagine the board of a teeter-toter suspended underneath a metal bar and swung by the power of two people pushing.

A diver stands on the plank, swinging higher than the bar it’s attached to, before finally launching himself off the end.

The diver flies eight or 10 meters in the air, both out and up, and twists and spins before landing in a pool of water.

“It’s nerve-racking that I’m doing this type of diving,” former UA diver Ben Grado said. “Honestly, it’s very different from springboard and platform, technically.

“It takes a good amount of practice to figure it out.”

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