Aaron Gordon shot just 42.2 percent from the foul line this season. Just one player in the NBA this season had a worse percentage.

Mike Christy / Arizona Daily Star

After shooting an Arizona career record-low 42.2 percent from the foul line this year, Aaron Gordon will enter the NBA with a better 2013-14 percentage than just one player, Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond, who shot .418 from the line this season.

Gordon isn’t likely to improve his shooting percentage simply by becoming a gym rat, tossing up 100 or 200 shots a day.

He is likely to need his own personal Shot Doctor, such as San Antonio assistant coach Chip Engelland, who was Steve Kerr’s shooting coach.

Funny, I didn’t think Kerr needed a shooting coach.

But in a fascinating piece on Grantland.com last week, Kerr said his work with Engelland, first at Pacific Palisades High School in the early 1980s and later with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s and San Antonio Spurs in 2001-02, helped him significantly.

Kerr said Engelland changed the position of his index finger, and also had him spread his hand wider on the basketball.

Two tiny changes. One classic shooter.