TEMPE - Call Arizona State the school of "Hard Knocks."

The Sun Devils announced this week they will be one of two conference teams featured in a weekly Pac-12 Network all-access documentary, "The Drive."

Similar to HBO's NFL series "Hard Knocks," the Pac-12 show will air 14 episodes documenting games, practices and behind-the-scenes moments in practices, meetings and on campus.

"We go by the rules here and we've got great people here," ASU coach Todd Graham said Friday, as his team prepared to open training camp Tuesday. "We've got great staff and we've got great players.

"To have a 30-minute show each week about our players and this program is a no-brainer. It won't be a distraction at all. We can't disrupt our classroom, and we've done it before, so it's not something we're new at."

Graham, who had film crews following his teams at Tulsa and Pitt, said a lot of the film work - on stationary cameras and wireless microphones - will be done by football video director Alex Hodge.

The hourlong season premiere airs Sept. 11. The next 13 shows will air for a half-hour each Wednesday night.

The documentary series will show both Cal and Arizona State's teams as they prepare for, and play, the previous week's games.

Graham doesn't watch much television, but loves the HBO series that chronicles one NFL team per season throughout training camp.

So, apparently, do his players.

"If it's going to be anything like 'Hard Knocks,' I'm pretty excited about it," junior offensive lineman Jamil Douglas said.

Senior tight end Chris Coyle said the documentary series is "something that will cause a lot of guys to step up their games, because they understand the camera is going to stay on them at all times."

Graham sounded excited.

"There's great stories on this team," he said. "We've got great team unity.

"I think it's neat."

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