The Pac-12 and Big Ten will face off in both the Holiday Bowl and the Fight Hunger Bowl for six years, starting in 2014, the conferences announced today.

Both bowl games will receive a better Pac-12 school than in recent years, with the San Diego-based Holiday Bowl taking the conference's No. 2 eligible team, after the Alamo Bowl, and after teams are seeded in the new playoff.

The Fight Hunger Bowl, which will move to the San Francisco 49ers' new stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., starting in 2014, will take the conference's No. 4 team.

The Big Ten will assign teams to the bowls, viewing the Holiday as a tier above the Fight Hunger, under the premise of avoiding repeat performances. The Holiday Bowl cannot have the same Big Ten team more than twice during the six-year deal, while the Fight Hunger Bowl must have five different teams over the deal.

"Our conferences have a tremendous affinity for one another, obviously a tremendous tradition, playing each other in the Rose Bowl," Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said. "And we have looked for ways to play each other more often."

Also today, the Pac-12 announced the Sun Bowl renewed its contract for six years, starting in 2014. The Sun Bowl will pit the Pac-12's third at-large selection against a team from an as-yet-unnamed BCS conference.