Arizona State met Navy in last year's Fight Hunger Bowl. Starting next year, the game will be Pac-12 versus Big 10.


The Pac-12's rivalry with the Big Ten will extend beyond the Rose Bowl and into two more California bowls.

The conferences Monday announced six-year deals with both the San Diego-based Holiday Bowl and the Bay Area's Fight Hunger Bowl, starting in 2014.

As it did last year, the Holiday Bowl will receive the Pac-12's second pick - behind the Alamo Bowl - after selections are made for the new College Football Playoff, which begins in 2014.

The Fight Hunger Bowl will have the Pac-12's next pick, up from the sixth selection last year, and will move into the San Francisco 49ers' new Santa Clara, Calif., stadium in 2014.

"Our conferences have a tremendous affinity for one another - obviously a tremendous tradition playing each other in the Rose Bowl - and we have looked for ways to play each other more often," Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said.

The Fight Hunger Bowl takes the slot of the Sun Bowl, which also renewed with the Pac-12 on Monday for six years, starting in 2014. The El Paso, Texas, bowl will pick after the Fight Hunger Bowl and pit the Pac-12 team against a school from an as-yet-unnamed major conference.

The Big Ten's selection process will focus more on sending new teams to each game than a particular seed order, said commissioner Jim Delany, who stressed that the Holiday Bowl would be considered a higher tier than the Fight Hunger Bowl.

Under terms of the deal, the Holiday Bowl cannot host the same Big Ten team more than twice during six years; the Fight Hunger Bowl must take five different Big Ten teams during the same span.

"You'll see a real focus on getting diversity and freshness," Delany said.

The Pac-12, however, will have a "more traditional" approach to seeding teams, putting emphasis on regular-season records, Scott said.

The two conferences had agreed to play each other regularly across all sports in late 2011, but the plan was canceled in July when Pac-12 football teams struggled to add another nonconference game while playing a nine-game league slate.

While the bowl games negotiated with each league independently, Scott said playing the Big Ten "was something we were warm to."

Delany said that "collaborations don't happen very much, because they're difficult," but the cancellation "didn't interrupt the communications" between the leagues.

"That was a plane that didn't fly," he said. "But once it didn't fly, I'm on to doing something else. And this is a very good something else."

The Pac-12 will announce other bowl agreements soon, Scott said. Thus far, the Las Vegas Bowl and the New Mexico Bowl have not been extended.

"There will be some changes," he said, "But I think, top to bottom, you'll see some improvements."

2014 Pac-12 bowl selection order

1. College Football Playoff/ Rose Bowl

2. Alamo Bowl

3. Holiday Bowl

4. Fight Hunger Bowl

5. Sun Bowl

• The league has yet to announce extensions with either the Las Vegas or New Mexico Bowls, and commissioner Larry Scott hinted there could be changes.

2012 Pac-12 bowl order

1. BCS/Rose Bowl

2. Alamo Bowl

3. Holiday Bowl

4. Sun Bowl

5. Las Vegas Bowl

6. Fight Hunger Bowl

7. New Mexico Bowl

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