Where does Auburn's final-second winning play in today's rivalry game with Alabama rank among the top plays in college football history? Weigh in here with your ranking and your reasoning.

In case you missed it, No. 4 Auburn returned Alabama's missed field goal try for a touchdown to defeat No. 1 'Bama, 34-28.

To help you decide where that stacks up, here's the Top 10 before today as ranked by Sports Illustrated's SI.com site:

1) The Run, 1996, Nebraska vs. Florida.

2) Teague runs down Thomas, 1993, Alabama vs. Miami.

3) Bill Newton's blocked kick, 1972, Auburn vs. Alabama.

4) Prothro's catch, 2005, Alabama vs. Southern Mississippi.

5) Belue's miracle, 1980, Georgia vs. Florida.

6) Miracle in Michigan, 1994, Michigan vs. Colorado.

7) The Run II, 2002, Iowa State vs. Texas Tech.

8) Amazin' Hawkeyes, 2005, Iowa vs. LSU.

9) Immaculate reception, 1997, Nebraska vs. Missouri.

10) Miracle Bowl, 1981, BYU vs. SMU.