Arizona will wear Nike uniforms through 2025 under a new deal announced Wednesday.


The Arizona Wildcats have spent a lot of energy recently reinforcing their claim that "Arizona is Wildcat Country."

From football scrimmages in Phoenix to scheduling future games in Glendale to trips to the Valley area with their big-name head coaches, it's been a clear priority of the athletic department.

Monday, they were at it again in a unique way.

The football program released pictures of their new uniforms for the 2013 season, with at least seven options, and they pay tribute to the state in a different ways.

New gradient stripes on the sleeves resemble an Arizona sunset, and the team will continue to use copper helmets to pay homage to the state's mining history.

Some of the biggest things that stand out about the new threads include:

• Gradient number coloring, which the athletic department had to apply for a waiver for through the NCAA. The organization recently banned multi-colored jersey numbers.

• The gradient stripe down both sleeves

• Using red helmets with red jerseys and red pants together - a look the Wildcats debuted against rival Arizona State in the 2012 regular season finale.

• A stripe down the middle of the white helmets, but not on the blue, red or copper lids.

The pictures were released Monday afternoon on the athletic program's web site as well as several different social media sites.

The new uniforms will be on display in Yuma on May 9, Sierra Vista on May 17 and Pinetop on May 23 during the Arizona Athletics road trip throughout the state.