Chip Kelly is not a fan of the transitive property, either in scores or schemes.

He doesn't like his top-ranked Ducks criticized for defeating Cal by only two points, nor does he believe the Golden Bears' defensive approach offers a formula for handing Oregon its first loss of the season.

"This is not math. Will Hunting's not going to come up and grab the chalk and say, 'Here's the answer to this,' " he said Tuesday, referencing the 1997 film.

Nonetheless, there's reason to think Cal was on to something as the UO prepares to play the Arizona Wildcats on Friday.

The Golden Bears played nickel defense and man-to-man exclusively. They spied speedy quarterback Darron Thomas with their extra defensive back.

After averaging 567.2 yards per game, Oregon gained 317 on Nov. 13 against Cal. After averaging 54.7 points, the Ducks scored 15.

"Hopefully, Arizona's going to do some things Cal did," Thomas said Sunday. "We're ready for it. We're expecting it."

Kelly praised the Wildcats' defenders, calling defensive ends Brooks Reed and Ricky Elmore the best combo in the Pac-10.

"What impresses me when I watch them on tape is how hard they play," he said. "They just get after it. They're both strong; they're both physical. They're both really, really athletic."

He called the Wildcats one of the "top defenses" the Ducks will face this season.

"They handle spread teams, they handle straight-ahead teams," he said. "They handle everybody."

Foles or Scott?

Kelly said he had "no idea" who Arizona would play at quarterback - Nick Foles or, coming off a sprained wrist, Matt Scott.

"Ask Mike (Stoops) - maybe he'll tell ya," he joked. "We've watched them both on film, and we'll prepare for both quarterbacks."

He praised Scott's play in Foles' place against Washington State, Washington and UCLA, and said Foles' completion percentage was remarkable.

Extra points

• The Ducks will not serve turkey at Thursday's team meal. "Tryptophan," Kelly said. Because of the amino acid that causes sleepiness, he joked, the Ducks will stay away from a turducken - a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey - too.