The big number


Scott's passing yards in the first quarter Saturday, 13 fewer than his total from the entire Washington State game

The Hall

One of the Arizona Wildcats' most popular athletes ever received a raucous ovation at halftime Saturday.

Dressed in a red Arizona golf shirt, San Antonio Spurs forward Richard Jefferson was presented as one of the newest members of the UA Sports Hall of Fame.

Jefferson was one of six individuals, plus a swimming relay team, to be inducted into the hall.

Golfer Natalie Gulbis, diver Claire Febvay, swimmers Bob Jackson and Emily Mason and basketball player Luke Walton were in the class, as was the 2002 NCAA champion 800-meter freestyle relay team of Jessica Hayes, Mason, Sarah Tolar and Jenny Vanker McCuiston.

Neither Gulbis nor Walton, both successful pro athletes, attended Saturday night's game.


Is it possible to do a fly-by over a tailgate?

Two hours before Saturday night's game, four airplanes from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base flew in formation over Arizona Stadium and the adjacent tailgate parties. The reason - the base doesn't do flyovers at night.

The UA found someone who will, though. The Marine Corps flew Harrier jets over the field prior to kickoff. The AV-8B Harrier II jets are part of Marine Attack Squadron 211, the Wake Island Avengers, based in Yuma.

Lt. Col. Bret H. Ritterby, the squadron commander, is a Washington alum. Capt. Timothy D. Otten coordinated the flight; the UA alum flew an airplane celebrating the school's 125th anniversary.

King and queen

Two UA athletes were finalists for the homecoming king and queen - but neither won.

Kaitlin Simpson, a communications major from Cave Creek, was named homecoming queen and was presented to the Arizona Stadium crowd at halftime. Her male counterpart was Dane Denby, a public administration major from Springfield, Ill.

They were first announced Friday during the pep rally and bonfire near Old Main. Five men and five women were finalists for the title, which began in 1947 when Tucson native Ruth Tackett was named the UA's first queen. In 1983, the school named its first king, Don Hayes.

McKale Center held its collective breath Friday night, as one male and one female athlete were among the finalists. Paige Weber, who was nominated by the athletic department, is a senior setter on the volleyball team.

Senior Jordan Mara, a cross country runner, was also nominated by the department.

Honorary A

Tom Duddleston Jr., the UA's longtime media relations director, received an honorary athletic letter at a breakfast Saturday.

Duddleston has worked at the UA for almost 36 years, and in the athletic department for 27. He attended his first Wildcats football game 50 years ago, and enrolled in school in 1968.

Duddleston's father, two sisters and son have UA degrees. His mom worked for the university.

"It's a way of life," he said. "It was very rewarding."

The annual letterman's breakfast is known for, among other things, its morning beverage. "Moose milk" is a mysterious concoction that features rum, bourbon, brandy, milk and nutmeg. The recipe is secret.


Arizona took its team name literally in the first quarter, when Nicolas Grigsby took a direct snap and ran the ball 3 yards.

The "wildcat" formation, popularized by the Darren McFadden Arkansas team and later by the Miami Dolphins, features a running back receiving the direct snap from the center.

The UA had not used a "wildcat" play this season, but has tinkered with the idea.

Patrick Finley