New logo

The Pac-10's new logo was on prominent display Thursday. An inflatable version of the brand greeted visitors to the Rose Bowl, and appeared on netting between the goal posts. A grass cutout of the logo was positioned at the 25-yard line.

Commissioner Larry Scott said the "shield is strong and reflects our West Coast heritage" by featuring mountains and a wave inside. The logo was sewn onto the sleeves of every golf shirt worn by players and coaches Thursday. Plan on seeing it a lot this season.

"You will see it on every football field this year and on every uniform in the Pac-10 this year in every sport," Scott said.

New York, New York

The press junket through New York City and Bristol, Conn., seemed to impress the conference's coaches.

"I haven't been to New York but two or three times," ASU coach Dennis Erickson said. "Damn, there are a lot of people there."

After ringing the NASDAQ opening bell Tuesday, coaches visited The New York Times.

"I thought it was a bold move," UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel said. "I wasn't sure how it'd work out. Having gone through it (Wednesday), I thought it was brilliant.

"There's no reason for our conference to not be as good a conference as there is."

Asked if he had a stereotypical New York moment, Washington coach Steve Sarkisian smirked.

"When I checked into my hotel room," he said. "My bed fit in the hotel room - and that was it. I left my luggage outside."


"Somebody asks you, 'Are you going to be the Stanford coach for life?' I can answer that the best I can - 'I don't know.' God willing and the creek don't rise, I will be."

Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh

Say your prayers

Mike Stoops happened upon Saint Patrick's Cathedral, a 132-year-old Roman Catholic church, while walking through midtown Manhattan.

"I just ran into it," Stoops said Thursday from Pac-10 media day. "It's like it was drawing me right into it."

Once inside, Stoops, who was raised Catholic, reconnected with his roots.

"I lit 12 candles for 12 wins this year," Stoops said. "I said my prayers, and now I'm good to go."

The shed

The Pac-10 coaches had plenty of time to talk about their programs at The New York Times. When the topic turned to concussions, Stoops made the room roar.

"We were talking about concussions, going through our protocols, and Mike Stoops said, 'I know one thing. I won't put them in a shed,' " Neuheisel said.

Stoops' crack was in reference to former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, who was fired from his job last winter after reportedly locking a concussed player in a shed.

Stoops isn't the first to make light of it. Louisiana Tech coach Sonny Dykes, the former UA offensive coordinator, made a similar remark during his introducto-ry news conference.

On Thursday, Stoops said sheds won't have a place in his program.

"I don't think that's part of the protocol at Arizona," he said with a smirk. "I don't know. Maybe it is at some other programs."

The big number


The cost to build the Rose Bowl, site of media day, in 1922.

New stuff bluff

Nick Foles cracked a smile - and a joke - when asked about the Arizona Wildcats' new uniforms.

"Hey coach," the quarterback hollered to Stoops, "did you tell them about the black jerseys we're breaking out this season?"

The Arizona Wildcats won't be wearing black jerseys this fall, but just about every other color.

The UA can choose between: white or blue helmets; red, white and blue jerseys; and red, white and blue pants.

Patrick and Ryan Finley