Matt Scott threw a TD in the East-West Shrine Game and will work with QB guru George Whitfield, who tutored the last two No. 1 NFL draft picks.


When David Roberts isn't producing on the field, he's producing music.

The Arizona Wildcats wide receiver is quickly assuring that he won't be a one-hit wonder in either field.

The junior from Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., blocked a first-quarter punt and caught a critical pass in the fourth quarter in Saturday's 34-27 win over Iowa.

Both of his plays led to touchdowns: The Wildcats took a 7-0 lead after Roberts knocked down Ryan Donahue's punt on Iowa's first drive; his 38-yard grab on Arizona's second-to-last drive helped set up Nick Foles' game-winning touchdown pass to Bug Wright.

Off the field, Roberts dabbles in hip-hop music. His "Pac-10 Diss Song" was a pre-game staple in 2009; his second track, "Wildcat Pride," was played at Arizona Stadium before Saturday's win. A music video is on the way.

The Star talked to Roberts, 21, about his big performance against the Hawkeyes, his music and his increased role. Here's what Roberts said, in his own words:

On Saturday's showing: "It was kind of weird - I made the first play and thought, 'It's going to be a good night.' (But) as a wide receiver, you don't get too many balls thrown your way. You gotta be ready when the ball's thrown to you."

On the 38-yard catch: "All night long, we were throwing posts. We made a check on the sidelines. Foles said if the safety walked up (to the line), make a post move. He saw the coverage, gave it to me and I made that catch. When I saw it coming in, I didn't know if I was going to get there. I thought, 'We'll find out', and I made the catch."

On whether his role will change with Juron Criner's turf-toe problem: "I wouldn't say changing. As far as the receivers go, me, Bug, David Douglas and Juron Criner, we all expect to get the ball. We all expect to make plays. We're going to hold it down."

On his role in the receiving corps: "Really, it's just making sure everybody's on the same level. I make sure we're not taking it easy, especially after a win like that, and making sure we're not getting too high."

On his new music: "There's a new one that's playing before games … 'Wildcat Pride.' There's actually a music video that's out of my hands now. They shot part of it at the stadium on Saturday."


The Arizona Wildcats have blocked two punts in their last six games, with both special teams plays leading to touchdowns.

There's a trick to it, special teams coach Jeff Hammerschmidt says. Here are his three keys to blocking a punt:

• Play-call. "We are a return team, but if you don't rush the punter once in a while, it's hard to get the kicker to kick it to you. … As a coach, you're always trying to look for an edge. Hopefully, they're not game-planning you and doing the same thing to you."

• Personnel. "You have to get the right guy to do it. There are certain guys who have a knack for it - Heath Bray back in the day, and Chuck Cecil, Darryl Morrison, Todd Burden. … Heath was the best at it. Dave Roberts is a guy who, in two years, has played 10 plays on special teams. He's blocked two kicks. He has a knack for it. He's smart around the block point."

• Pluck. "You try to put the right person in the right spot and give it a shot and see what happens. Sometimes you get lucky. Like with (Orlando) Vargas last year against Arizona State. We were trying to do a return. He was one of the guys who rushed, but nothing special, and he ran right by his guy and blocked a kick. It worked out."

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