Mike Stoops' legacy has been molded, but won't harden into history for years.

Before he was fired Monday, the Arizona Wildcats football coach resurrected a program.

Even before they competed for national attention, the upstart Wildcats seemed to pull upsets over ranked teams.

Stoops, 49, who took over in 2004, eventually built the UA into a bowl team. The Wildcats reached the postseason in three consecutive seasons for only the second time in school history.

His players were rarely, if ever, involved in scandal.

Attending games at Arizona Stadium became sexy again.

In the coming days, Stoops' victories will be weighed against more bitter moments: a borderline berserk sideline demeanor and the team's tendency for bowl-game blowouts.

And there was the finish, too deflating to overcome: Since last Halloween, the UA has gone without a Division I-A win, and started this season 1-5.

Monday night, the UA ended Stoops' Wildcats career.

The debate over his legacy is just beginning.