UCLA will travel to Nebraska today with heavy hearts: Walk-on receiver Nick Pasquale was hit by a car and killed while walking in his hometown of San Clemente, Calif., last weekend.

UA coach Rich Rodriguez has never lost a player in his 20 years as a head coach, but he has endured some tragedy during his career.

In his own words, Rodriguez took us through the tragedy:

“In my first year of coaching at Salem (College), this is back when I was 24 years old, I had three guys involved in an automobile accident and one of them was paralyzed for life. That was a tough moment because I was one of the first ones to the hospital.

“His name was Cisco Jeter and they were carting him to take him to surgery and the doctor, at the time, told him he was probably going to be paralyzed for life. And the kid, being the kind of kid he is, said ‘Well, I’m going to be in the Paralympics in four years’ — and he was. It’s a wonderful story, but it was a tragic thing at the time.”

Jeter won a gold medal at the 1992 Paralympic Games.

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