Channing Way, the street that leads up to Cal’s Memorial Stadium, was flooded with fans decked out in Cardinal and Navy a couple hours before Saturday’s kickoff.

The UA hosted a tailgate at the Underhill Parking Complex and it was well attended.

The Arizona BayCats, the Northern California chapter of the Arizona Alumni Association, hosted the tailgate. UA president Ann Weaver Hart made an appearance and talked with the fans. Athletic director Greg Byrne also stopped by and spoke to the crowd. He helped celebrate alumni president Melinda Burke’s birthday.

The BayCats estimated that more than 500 fans attended the tailgate a couple of blocks from the stadium. The Cal trip is usually one of the better attended by alumni and this year was no exception.

UA fans congregated on the southeast end of the stadium during the game and had a pretty good representation, nearly taking up two full sections. Byrne mingled with fans at halftime and thanked them for coming to the game.

Teammate of the week

We saw something after the game we thought was pretty cool.

Backup offensive lineman Faitele Faafoi prides himself on being one of the first players ready to leave after the game. After he showers and dresses, Faafoi then goes to work.

Rather then head to the bus and wait for his teammates, Faafoi schleps other UA players’ bags to the student managers, who then load them on the buses. Faafoi was hard at work while we waited outside the locker room and must have hauled 15 to 20 bags.

When a staffer asked him why he does it, the lineman from Tustin, Calif., had a pretty simple response: “I like to help out when I can.”

Right on, Faitele. We don’t have a vote, but you are our nominee for teammate of the week.


“The defense played well enough for us to win. We didn’t score enough points that we needed to win. That’s what it came down to.” — Cal quarterback Jared Goff

Uni watch

For the first time since a 66-10 loss to UCLA last season, Arizona wore white helmets, white jerseys and red pants.

It worked out a little better this time in a 33-28 win.

The Wildcats have now worn eight different uniform combinations in eight games.

Saturday’s win marked the third time the UA has worn white helmets this season and it’s now 2-1 in those games. Arizona lost to USC wearing white helmets, white jerseys and white pants. The Wildcats topped UTSA in white helmets, red jerseys and blue pants.

If you’re scoring at home, Arizona has worn blue helmets twice (UNLV and Utah), red helmets twice (Washington and Colorado) and copper helmets once (NAU) to go along with the white helmets three times.

Our prediction for UCLA: red helmets, red jerseys and white pants.

The big number


Cal true freshman Goff threw the ball 56 times. He was 34 for 56 for 289 yards, four TDs and two interceptions. Remarkably, the 56 passes aren’t a season-high for him. Goff aired it out 64 times in a loss to Northwestern .

Tightwad Hill

Even with Cal off to a dreadful start this season, one of the Golden Bears’ finest traditions continued Saturday.

Fans filled Charter Hill behind the east stands and checked out the game for free. The hill, also named Tightwad Hill because fans can watch for free, is about 100 feet above the east rim and has been housing fans since the stadium was built in 1923. Some of the features of Tightwad Hill include a bench built out of a tree branch for fans to sit and watch, trash cans and recycle bins to help keep the area clean .

We counted a crowd of about 50 or so on the hill. Since it’s not within stadium limits, fans may drink alcohol on the hill. Seems like a good time to us.

Daniel Berk