UA running back Ka’Deem Carey, who ran for 206 yards and four touchdowns in the Wildcats’ 42-16 upset win over Oregon last November, is expected by experts to go in the third to fifth rounds of the NFL draft over the weekend.

Mike Christy / Arizona Daily Star

Ka’Deem Carey’s draft status is still up in the air, but Star readers have a pretty good idea of where he’s headed.

To the Arizona Cardinals. In the third round.

The Star asked readers to submit their guesses as to where Carey, the UA’s two-time All-America running back, will be selected. The 186 submissions included a cross-section of teams and rounds, though many see Carey staying in his home state. The NFL draft began tonight and continues through Saturday.

Our poll results:

Which round will Ka’Deem Carey be drafted in?

First round: 3 votes

Second round: 29 votes

Third round: 64 votes

Fourth round: 60 votes

Fifth round: 20 votes

Sixth round: 8 votes

Seventh round: 2 votes

Undrafted: 1 vote

Where will Carey play?

49ers: 7 votes

Bears: 9 votes

Bengals: 3 votes

Broncos: 13 votes

Browns: 9 votes

Buccaneers: 1 vote

Cardinals: 21 votes

Chargers: 6 votes

Chiefs: 1 vote

Colts: 1 vote

Cowboys: 4 votes

Dolphins: 4 votes

Eagles: 15 votes

Falcons: 4 votes

Giants: 5 votes

Jaguars: 8 votes

Jets: 3 votes

Lions: 4 votes

Packers: 4 votes

Panthers: 1 vote

Patriots: 14 votes

Raiders: 6 votes

Rams: 4 votes

Ravens: 8 votes

Redskins: 2 votes

Saints: 3 votes

Seahawks: 2 votes

Steelers: 7 votes

Texans: 6 votes

Titans: 5 votes

Vikings: 6 votes

No team: 1 vote

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