Matt Scott’s NFL career started like a bad dream.

First, the former Arizona Wildcats quarterback didn’t get picked in last month’s NFL draft — a surprise to anyone who followed the three-day event.

He then signed a rookie free agent contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars and headed to Florida for a three-day rookie mini camp.

On the first day, Scott sprained his ankle trying to chase down a defender after throwing an interception.

Bad dream, nightmare, unlucky, call it what you want. It wasn’t what the signal-caller was hoping for.

“It was a pretty bad way to start,” Scott told the Star this week. “It’s not how you imagine it going. That’s for sure.”

So it didn’t start the way he wanted, but Scott isn’t dwelling on the setbacks.

Instead, he’s focusing on the positive.

“I’m in the NFL,” Scott said. “It was a real big moment in my life when I walked into that locker room for the first time.

“It’s obviously been a lifelong dream of mine.”

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