O, my

Oregon's signature "O'' logo is ever-present once you hit Lane County limits.

The Ducks even make O-shaped cookies in the skybox suites and media lounges, adorned with yellow and green sprinkles. There are even fudge Nike swooshes on them. (OK, we made that last part up).

The game-day drive from Portland to Eugene, about 100 miles on Interstate 5, suggests that half, or more, of about 60,000 fans at Autzen Stadium were from the greater Portland area.

Four hours away from kickoff Friday, traffic was stop-and-go almost the entire distance. Many of the cars stuck in the slowdown Friday in Oregon were decorated with mini-Oregon flags, web-feet stickers and, of course, the big O.

Preach it

You can't spell "Go Ducks" without God.

About a dozen street preachers stood outside the Autzen Stadium entrance before Friday night's game, admonishing Ducks fans for living sinful lifestyles. Most of the yellow-and-green followers ignored them, though one fan suggested they use their megaphones for a universal truth.

"Say, 'Go Ducks. 11-0!,'" he howled.


"It never rains in Autzen Stadium."

Oregon's public address announcer, two minutes before a steady rain began to fall on the Ducks' legendary stadium.

Jay Z's 'Yell O'

Oregon fans are urged to "Yell O" on big plays. Friday, some of music's biggest stars got involved. Sort of.

The Autzen Stadium video board showed Photoshopped images of Jay Z, Kanye West and Nike founder Phil Knight flashing the omnipresent "O" sign - both hands out, fingers together. Fans loved it.

Hurry back

Chip Kelly is always coaching. And sometimes, it's not just the players.

A recording of the Ducks' eccentric coach, piped through Autzen Stadium just before halftime, urged fans to get back to their seats by the start of the second half. Oregon has a long, proud tradition of allowing fans to go outside to drink at designated beer gardens. Most take their time returning after halftime.

"Get back in your seats," Kelly implored, "so you don't miss any action."

The big number:


Distance, in yards, of both Arizona's second-quarter touchdown pass from Nick Foles to Juron Criner and Oregon's third-quarter touchdown run by Josh Huff.

Taunting the Ducks

The most-hated Wildcat inside Autzen Stadium on Friday sported a red kicking shoe and a famous name. UA kicker Alex Zendejas was roundly booed after taunting the Ducks' bench. Zendejas had just hit a 29-yard field goal to give the Wildcats a 19-14 lead just before halftime. He ran toward Oregon's sideline, jabbing his finger at the refs.

Here come the Blue Devils

The rebuilding Ducks picked a bad year to play host to No. 1 Duke in basketball. The game will be played today in Portland, at the Rose Garden, and not at Mac Court, which is in its last few weeks of use before Matthew Knight Court opens.

There you are!

The Wildcats dusted off a new defensive player Friday night: junior-college transfer Mohammed Usman.

Usman was ruled academically ineligible to start the season; many believed that he would redshirt.

Not so. Usman, a onetime University of Houston standout, made his debut during the opening kickoff and played a handful of snaps at defensive end for the Wildcats.

Ryan Finley and Greg Hansen