He wears one of his two rings around town, and rarely gets noticed.

“I get stopped more,” he said, “at arraignments.”

The defendants notice, and ask the judge about it.

A robed Ken Bowman tells them that, yes, he was the center on the Green Bay Packers teams that won Super Bowl I and II, in 1967 and 1968.

And he was one tough dude. He played most of his nine-year NFL career with his left arm chained to his body, to prevent his shoulder from dislocating over and over again.

His block in one of the great games ever played, the 1967 “Ice Bowl” divisional title contest between the Packers and the Dallas Cowboys, paved the way for Bart Starr’s 1-yard touchdown sneak in the game’s final seconds.

And he still talks, with a smirk, about the time the great Dick Butkus, in words not suitable for a family newspaper, told him he was going to kick his butt.

“I said, ‘You might, Dick, but we’re going to be here for a while,’” he said.

Now 70, the Oro Valley resident wears the Super Bowl I ring to Tucson City Court, where, in semi-retirement, he serves as a special magistrate.

His law degree came the hard way, like that Johnny Cash song where he steals parts from his factory over decades to assemble a car.

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