Laura Jabczenski, of Catalina Foothills high school is hitting the ball of the tee during practice at Silverbell golf course to go with a feature on her Thursday October 21, 2010, in Tucson, Arizona. Benjie Sanders/Arizona Daily Sta

For the past four years, Laura Jabczenski's day really started when her school day ended.

That's when the senior could go to the golf course or driving range with her Catalina Foothills teammates.

It doesn't matter if it's a match or practice, Jabczenski's comfort zone is any golf course in Southern Arizona.

"It's what I live for," Jabczenski said. "It's just how you can go out every day and work toward a goal with a group of teammates that you're so close with. I don't know what I'm going to do without (high school golf).

"I guess it's just one of those chapters that has to end."

But before that, and heading to play for Northern Arizona next season, Jabczenski said she wants to make some more history.

She was the first female Foothills golfer to win a state championship last season, and she looks to win back-to-back titles when the state tournament opens Friday at Silverbell.

Jabczenski recently discussed her senior season and the upcoming state tournament.

How has your final season at the high school level gone so far?

A: It's the best season yet by far, and all of us get along the best this year. It's kinda like a little family. As a team, we've been playing OK. We've had our good rounds and our not-so-good rounds. Hopefully, we peak at the right time at state. Personally, I've been playing OK. It's been pretty consistent. I had a low round of 32. I think my average is about 1 over (par).

Where were you playing when you shot a 32?

A: It was at Dell Urich.

What's it like shooting a 32?

A: It's weird. When you're playing, you don't feel like you're playing all that spectacular. It's just, you get a birdie, then you get a par, another birdie and you always have your bad shots, but in the rounds that are the lowest is when you recover the best. In that round, I had to chip in for par on one hole. I wasn't thinking about shooting a 32. I was just thinking about the next shot.

How do you approach the state tournament this year with your team as the defending state champion and you as the individual defending champion?

A: All we can try to do as a team, as the defending state champions, is try to bring it back again. Try to bring back the trophy. We've been working hard this entire season. That's our ultimate goal, to bring back the trophy, and we can definitely do it. As an individual, it's the same thing. I'm not worried about it. I just want to play well for the team and whatever happens individually is going to happen. Golf is one of those crazy sports where you can't predict how you're going to do on a given day. You just have to go out there and try your hardest.

Is your plan still to play golf at NAU next year?

A: Yes, that's still the plan and I can't wait. I love it up there. I went up for my official (visit) last weekend and had such a great time. The thing I like about (coach Brad) Bedortha is that I played well last season, but then I had a slump over the summer. But he was there every tournament, watching and supporting me. That's why I ultimately chose NAU. Even when I was in a slump, he knew I could do it. I think that's why I came out of the slump finally, because he's such a good support system.

State TOURNAMENT schedule

Friday (opening round) :


Division II, 6:45 a.m.; Division I, 11 a.m., at Randolph North


Division I, 7 a.m., at Dell Urich

Division II, 10 a.m., at Silverbell

Saturday (final round, same sites):


Division II, 7 a.m.; Division I, 11 a.m.


Division II, 6:45 a.m.; Division I, 7 a.m.