Shots like this one, a 12-foot putt to stay alive in a playoff for the state individual title, show why his coach calls Jaime Waltmire clutch.


It doesn't take many words to describe Canyon del Oro senior golfer Jaime Waltmire.

In fact, his coach only needs one: clutch.

CDO coach John Farbarik said Waltmire has the innate ability to play his best golf in the biggest situations.

Waltmire used those clutch skills to win last year's Division II state title on the third hole of a sudden-death playoff against Glendale Cactus' Kale Davidson.

"When you're at your peak in the biggest events, that says a lot," Farbarik said. "He works very well under pressure. He expects it of himself."

But Waltmire's ability to perform under pressure isn't all that won him the individual title while helping the Dorados win the team championship.

Waltmire said he can't remember taking a day off from golf since injuring his back at the beginning of eighth grade, and Farbarik called him the golf equivalent of a "gym rat" in basketball.

Here's a look at three key shots during Waltmire's run to a state title:

• The hole: Randolph North, No. 2

• The distance: 12 feet, left-to-right

• The setup: Waltmire had seen this putt before, playing in a junior tournament when he was about 10 years old, but not with the same type of pressure. Waltmire seemed to be well on his way to victory after he knocked his second shot to 12 feet and Davidson left his about 20 yards short of the green. But Davidson chipped in, forcing Waltmire to hole his putt to stay alive in the playoff.

• He said it: "Before (Davidson) hit the shot, I knew he was going to make it. I just had a gut feeling. I just went about my business and knew I had to make my putt."

• The hole: No. 18

• The distance: 15 feet, uphill, left-to-right

• The set up: Waltmire was on the 18th green trailing Davidson by just one stroke. The catch? He didn't know it - Randolph North didn't have any on-course leader boards. He knew he could be close - 2-under par had won the tournament the year before and Waltmire was at 1-under - but not that making the putt would force a playoff.

• He said it: "I just knew I had to create another chance. I didn't know I had to make it because no one told me I was just one back. It was just a normal putt, no pressure."

• The hole: No. 3

• The distance: Tee shot on 550-yard par-5

• The set up: After holing a 12-foot put to stay alive the hole before, Waltmire stood on the tee looking to get into position on par-5 that requires a gentle draw off the tee. Waltmire ended up in position to go for the green while Davidson was forced to lay up. Waltmire's 250-yard 5-wood ended up just off the green, but after a short chip, he sank a birdie putt for the title.

• He said it: "I tried to just think about as little as possible. My mind could have been racing but I had the ability to control it. I just went numb while I was standing over the ball and went after it."

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