Salpointe Catholic tennis must be the dominant topic of conversation at every Amos family get-together.

There are currently four Amos children playing tennis for the Lancers this year: seniors Courtney and Lauren and freshmen Caroline and Jack, Lauren's brother.

"It's probably safe to say we have a monopoly on Amos tennis players here in Tucson," said girls tennis coach Perri Touche.

Cousins Lauren and Courtney have already made a lasting impression in their program, helping lead the team to three straight state championships and winning two doubles titles.

Their closeness as a family comes in handy, especially in doubles. Having grown up in tennis families and living in close proximity, Lauren and Courtney know the other's strengths and weaknesses and have learned how best to complement the other.

"Lauren has some good volleys which makes it easier for me," said Courtney. "We both have good returns and we never really get on each other's nerves."

They didn't compete for the doubles championship last year thanks to some injuries and sickness. This year, while they may play together for certain matchups, Lauren will play the majority of time with Claire Baxter and Courtney will play with little sister Caroline.

Regardless of the teammate they play with, the focus is still on winning the fourth straight team title. This year, girl's tennis is switching to a division format. But with many of their old 5A-I rivals coming with them into the new Division I, the Amos cousins have a good idea of what to expect.

"Xavier is going to be tough again this year," Lauren said. "There's also Mesa Mountain View, but we have a great team too. We're all very close, we play year-round and I think we work well together."

Next year Lauren and Courtney will be taking their games to the East Coast.

Lauren will play for Middlebury College in Vermont and Courtney will suit up for Yale. And while they see the end is near, they also know the importance of enjoying their last couple months as teammates.

As senior leaders, they are also trying to pass along as much of their tennis knowledge to the younger girls, especially Caroline.

Having such big shoes to fill would intimidate most freshmen, but at this point Caroline is just looking to enjoy the experience.

"There's always going to be a little pressure, especially following those two," she said. "We definitely keep things competitive but I think it's also important to just have fun with it too."

Boys watch list

• Stephen Bonhoff, Sr., Sabino

• Michael Choffin, Sr., Marana

• Andrew Dunn, Jr., Salpointe Catholic

• Matt Dunn, Sr., Salpointe Catholic

• Connor Johnson, Jr., St. Gregory

• Tyler Linscott, Jr., Salpointe Catholic

• Brandon McMaster, Sr., Thatcher

• Alec Petford, Sr., Ironwood Ridge

• Cody Petford, Jr., Ironwood Ridge

• James Soper, Sr., Sabino

Girls watch list

• Courtney Amos, Sr., Salpointe Catholic

• Lauren Amos, Sr., Salpointe Catholic

• Rachana Bhat, Jr., Catalina Foothills

• Sara Brown, Jr., Ironwood Ridge

• Sadiya Buta, Sr., Desert View

• Samantha Lund, Sr, Rincon/University

• Cristina Oropeza, Jr., Nogales

• Allie Scott, Jr., Pusch Ridge Christian

• Susana Studwell, Jr., Sabino

• Zaina Sufi, Sr., Catalina Foothills