The Arizona Interscholastic Association executive board will be briefed Monday morning on an alleged recruiting violation by the Mountain View football program, according to associate executive director Chuck Schmidt.

The situation will be discussed in the executive session of Monday’s regularly-scheduled board meeting, the first of the new school year.

Schmidt said the AIA has been in contact with both the Marana and Tucson Unified school districts for roughly a month about the potential violation. He couldn’t go into detail about how many schools and student-athletes are involved in the investigation. However, the biggest news of the offseason locally came when senior Demetrius Flannigan, who is verbally committed to the UA, left Tucson High and enrolled at Mountain View.

“We’ve had communication from both districts, which have been very cooperative on all fronts,” Schmidt said. “The level of cooperation between the two districts involved has been exemplary. It isn’t always easy when these situations or concerns arise and how the schools responded on both sides has been a model of how this process should work.”

Schmidt said Monday’s closed-door briefing will just “get the board in the loop” of what has come from each district’s investigation and what has been the response from each party. He also said the board isn’t likely to make any ruling or give any sanctions today, that’s something that typically happens later in the process, if at all.

In order for a ruling to come from the board, the item would need to be listed on the agenda and the next normal board meeting isn’t until Sept. 9. The AIA could also hold a special session, but Schmidt doesn’t foresee the need for that unless a school requests one.

“I think this is something that can be handled in the normal course of business,” Schmidt said. “The level of cooperation we’re seeing in this particular instance is such that it has gone very smooth and is not contentious; it just allows the board to look at all those facts and provides for a much faster resolution than when there is contention and dispute.”

Player eligibility is up for the receiving school to determine, Schmidt said. The board can apply bylaws at a later date, and sanctions will result if an ineligible athlete participated in a game.

The Mountain Lions, coached by former UA tight end Clarence McRae, have made the Division II state playoffs in each of the last two years. They kick off the 2014 season at home against district rival Marana on Aug. 28.

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