Nemer Hassey sees roughly 50 students a year transfer into Cienega High School for several different reasons. About 10 of them play sports without any penalty, as long at they follow the rules.

Soon, however, athletes transferring to any school may have to sit out a year.

The Arizona Interscholastic Association Legislative Council will vote today on whether to implement a 25-mile transfer rule.

The current rule states that a student may transfer without penalty as long as there is a change of residency. The revision still would require a change of residence, but that change would have to be at least 25 miles from the “sending school”. Without a change of residence, the athlete must sit out for a full year.

“Eighth graders and their parents have to make good decisions,” said Hassey, Cienega’s longtime football coach and an assistant principal. “I think the best way to success academically and athletically is for a kid to stay where they’re at for all for years.”

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