We Tucsonans don’t just have favorite Mexican restaurants.

We have favorite Mexican spots, subdivided by occasion, food, mood and company. There are fancy places and dives, street food and Sonoran dogs. Places where you can drink. Places where you eat standing up.

Friday night, my wife and I walked into our favorite Mexican food place, Quick-Dinner-But-Not-Fancy-Dress Subdivision, across the street for the Tucson Convention Center.

El Minuto was as packed as I’ve ever seen it.

Folks dressed in red Arizona Wildcats sweatshirts and scarves packed the place, drinking margaritas poured from plastic pitchers. 

It was game night.

If I needed a reminder that hockey still exists at the Mad House on Main Street, it hit me during between bites of albondigas and chicken flautas a half-hour before faceoff.

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