"This is the third time I've done El Tour. The first time was the 80 and the second time was the 111. The atmosphere keeps me coming back. It's for a good cause. Every year it's for a good cause, and every year it's a challenge as we get older to say, 'I did it.'"

Gus Osuna, 48, El Paso, 111-mile

"This was amazing, I feel like I could fly into the sky. It just made me feel so happy. I've been working on it for so long, and it made me feel so good to finally be able to do it."

Carmen R. , 9, Tucson, 5-mile fun ride

"I got this bike for Christmas three years ago, and I asked my grandma if she could take me to the dollar store and she said yes. So on Friday, we decorated it and I stayed the night at her house and then came here."

Seth Villa, 9, Tucson, 5-mile fun ride with his cousin Kyle Rodriguez, 15.

"I've heard so much about (the race) and I've wanted to do it the last few years, but I never was able to make it. But I was finally able to get here this year. My main concern was I just didn't want to have a mishap, either break my bike or my shoulder. So to get through it safely, and have a good ride, I'm very lucky."

Dan Bennett, 42, Lordsburg, N.M., 111-mile ride

"I felt really good going in and just had a great time. We did much better this time, last year we finished in 5 hours 45 minutes, this year we did 5:20. There were 12 of us together on the 111."

Connor Adkisson, 15, 111-mile with El Grupo cycling team

"It was very different on a tandem, a lot more muscular than a solo bike. On surges, you can't really surge because it's like riding a diesel or a semi truck, so you have to be consistent."

Ariana Sophiea, 33, Tucson, 111-mile on a tandem with her boyfriend Kurt Garbe, 44

"I was with a group of six of us, so I kind of just hung on to all of them. It was a great ride. The weather was perfect. This was my fourth time here."

Tricia Don, 53, Tucson, 60-mile

"I just like to see all the people come together, unity for one purpose. It's good to see. This is at least the fifth time I've ridden in El Tour. I'll be back."

Shawn Ingram, 48, Phoenix, 111-mile

"I had fun, people cheered for me and I got a medal. I want to do this again every year."

Jewels Hathaway, 7, Oro Valley, First timer in the 5-mile fun ride

"I absolutely loved every bit of it. I had an adrenaline rush for the first 60 miles."

Stacey Timberlake, 49, Torrance, Calif., 111-mile in her first El Tour

"It was good, it was fast and the weather was perfect. People were so nice; the stops were all nice and well-equipped. I'm digging all the colors and all the bikes."

Pat Real , 54, Manhattan Beach, Calif., 111-mile

"To finish 114th at my age, I think that's pretty good for an old guy like me."

Ken Ferguson, 52, Phoenix, 111-mile


Christian Aguilar, 4, Tucson, 5-mile fun ride