Tom Danielson pitched his idea.

It was a simple one: the pro cyclist and his business partner, actor Patrick Dempsey — Ronald Miller from “Can’t Buy Me Love” to one generation, “McDreamy” to another — wanted to put on a bike ride in Tucson.

It wouldn’t be competitive; rather, it’d appeal to college kids, cycling commuters, workout freaks and everyone in between.

And, of course, Dempsey fans. (His first scene in “Can’t Buy Me Love?” Riding a bike in Tucson).

The ride would be free. No one would keep score of who finished first, or at all.

A room full of Southern Arizona officials, gathered by cycling guru Richard DeBernardis as a favor to Danielson last month, nodded with approval.

It sounded good, they said, in 2014.

DeBernardis smiled.

‘Tom,” he said with a smile, “tell them when you want to do it.’”

Danielson was sheepish.

“January 20,” he said.

Danielson, who trains here in the winters, could have been laughed out the meeting. It takes 30 days just to get permits approved.

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