You can get to London from Tucson by bus.

Don’t believe me? Ask Tanner Gers, who, for months last year, spent his Saturdays waking up an hour before the sun rose and riding shotgun in his wife’s car toward the Greyhound station downtown.

Rosa would escort her husband, and his track gear, onto a morning bus bound for Mesa, and say goodbye.

With help from the bus workers, he’d exit at the right stop two hours later in Mesa, where he was picked up by and driven to Arizona Disabled Sports.

Then the Sabino High School and Pima College graduate would do the whole thing again, in reverse, taking an extra bus to get back to his house by 3 p.m.

That’s 10 hours of travel for two hours of training.

Complicating matters: Gers is blind.

If you’ve ever met the inspired and inspiring Gers, though, you knew that wouldn’t slow him down.

It hasn’t yet.

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