Mitch Anhoury had never beaten Tucson High School.

In the senior midfielder's three years with Rincon/University's varsity squad, the Badgers have had his team's number.

On Monday night, Anhoury was a driving force in ending the Rangers' losing streak to the Badgers, as his early second-half goal helped No. 13-ranked Rincon (11-4-1) run away with a 4-1 victory over host No. 6 Tucson (9-2-3).

"They've been our nemesis for a lot of years," Rincon head coach Roxanne Taylor said. "Tucson High has had our number the last couple years, and that was a big game for us.

"I think this game gives us a pretty good shot of going to state, which we missed last year because they took us out of it."

Rincon dominated the Badgers in the second half, outshooting them and holding them scoreless.

The Rangers' second-half performance was powered by Anhoury's goal in the 45th minute, which he scored on a corner kick from Neil Davis and gave Rincon a 3-1 lead.

"That was huge," Anhoury said. "Neil put it in the perfect spot, and I was just in the right position at the right time."

Hector Banegas scored the first and the fourth goals for the Rangers, but he felt Anhoury's score was the difference in the game.

"It's easy for a team to come back from a 2-1 lead," Banegas said. "For him to score the third goal and to give us a two-goal lead was really great. It got us more intense, more amped up."

Banegas scored in the 1st and 61st minutes. With the two goals, he is second on Rincon with 11 in 13 games.

"He was huge," Anhoury said. "He did a lot. He scored a couple times, but he had a lot of chances and he gave a lot of leads to the outside. He gave us a chance to win the game, for sure."

The Badgers' lone goal came in the 29th minute from Julian Gaona.

"After the one goal Tucson scored, (Rincon's defense) was amazing," coach Taylor said. "They shut them out.

"And putting four goals in against this team is pretty amazing because Tucson High, I give them all the credit, they're a good team."

Rincon will face visiting Cienega today at 6 p.m., while Marana will travel to Tucson at the same time.