The Arizona Wildcats still have a job opening, but it's for Alicia Hollowell's old director of softball operations gig.

Arizona named the former UA pitcher its full-time pitching coach late last month, creating an opening for her former spot. The Wildcats posted the director of operations vacancy last week.

"I was definitely excited," the 28-year-old Hollowell said Monday. "I didn't know how much I would like coaching at this level, but I think things fell into place."

Hollowell was registered with the NCAA as an on-field coach during the last week of the Wildcats' regular season, after the UA learned coach Larry Ray had been arrested earlier on suspicion of domestic violence charges.

Ray was suspended, and in June the school announced he would not return.

Hollowell served as the UA's de facto pitching coach for the last regular-season series and two weeks' worth of playoff appearances before the Wildcats fell to eventual College World Series runner-up Oklahoma in the NCAA tournament super regional.

"I really enjoyed that," Hollowell said. "I loved the last few weeks of the season, which pulled out my competitive side - which has not died down at all - and had some fun."

When the season ended, Hollowell, a UC Davis assistant from 2010-11, helped recruit for the Wildcats.

UA coach Mike Candrea, who spent Monday on the Yankee Stadium field before New York's game against the Toronto Blue Jays, said he liked "a lot of things" about Hollowell as the pitching coach. He called her "a good teacher," "very meticulous," and said it was a bonus that she's "been on the mound recently."

Candrea said he hoped to fill the operations director and volunteer assistant coach positions in the next few weeks.

Hollowell holds school records with 134 innings pitched, 1,122 innings and 1,768 strikeouts. She led the Wildcats to their seventh national title in 2006, and played for the U.S. National Team from 2005-08.

She spent the past season as the operations director, unable to coach on the field, until the last week of the season.

"I enjoyed operations," she said, "but I do have a passion for pitching.

"I'm ready for it to be August and for the girls to be here. I'm kinda antsy, sitting around here."