Nancy Bowling has a nervous stomach.

Whether it’s before a class presentation or a softball game, the Arizona Wildcats freshman can feel the weight of her task in her gut.

“I still have a lot of nerves,” the pitcher said. “Every time I go out on the field, I get super-duper nervous.

“I get butterflies every single game.”

Bowling keeps a journal of her games — how she felt and what happened — and noticed something the other day. When she was aware of her breathing, she did well.

“Breathe in, pause, blow out,” she said.

It works.

“A lot of it is watching her go through her first year,” UA coach Mike Candrea said. “It’s kinda hard to know that until you see it.

“I think she’s a very intense young lady. Works hard in practice, a little bit of a perfectionist. She wants it badly.”

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