The head coach of Sahuaro High School's varsity softball team could lose his coaching job after players accused him of making inappropriate and embarrassing remarks.

The TUSD Governing Board voted to send Steve Sanchez, who also teaches at Magee Middle School, a notice of intent to dismiss from coaching for unprofessional conduct. The action does not affect his teaching assignment.

Sanchez likely made comments that were disparaging and embarrassed some of his players, the Tucson Unified School District investigation launched in March found.

The investigation notes that while the entire team did not support the allegations against Sanchez, there were enough to give credibility to the allegations.

A statement of charges against Sanchez outlined the allegations as follows:

• Reportedly made inappropriate comments about a player's breast size, saying in effect that she didn't need a sports bra because she had nothing to put in it.

• Asked a player about her boyfriend, telling her things like "Why are you with that skinny guy? He won't be any good for sex."

• Used his authority as a coach to arrange a date between a player and one of his former students. A player said that she went on a date with the boy because she did not want to be benched. After that, Sanchez was more lenient about her missing practices.

Other statements that Sanchez reportedly made included telling one player to "chop off the cellulite," told other players that they sucked and made derogatory comments about some parents.

Sanchez denied the allegations.

Sanchez has 10 days to appeal the board's decision. His attorney could not be reached for comment Monday afternoon.

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