This is from a July 21 robbery at the Bank of the West at 3041 S. Kinney. Suspect is still at large. Courtesy Pima County Sheriff's Offfice. ARIZONA DAILY STAR

Emails and phone calls have been pouring in to the Star in response to our publishing of a surveillance photo from a bank robbery committed on the southwest side last month.

According to both the Pima County Sheriff's Department and the FBI the robbery, July 21 at the Bank of the West at 3041 S. Kinney Road, was committed by a woman in her 60s who is about 5-foot-3 and 100 pounds.

Readers and callers, though, believe otherwise.

The overwhelming sentiment of those giving us their two cents is the suspect is actually a really small man masquerading as an older woman.

Some of the comments made to back up this belief: the suspect has 'big, bony hands' and the hair is 'obviously a wig covering up a bald head'.

What's your take?