Steve A. Boggs - Steven Boggs and Christopher Hargrave formed a white supremacist organization called the Imperial Royal Guard. Hargrave met and began dating Gayle Driver, the daughter of the owners of a pawnshop. In April, 2002, Hargrave began working at a Jack-In-The-Box in the Mesa/Chandler area. On May 15, Hargrave was fired from the Jack-In-The-Box for stealing. Hargrave had been living in a trailer on the Drivers' property, and he was asked to leave when he was fired from his job. On May 19, 2002, Boggs and Hargrave went to rob the Jack-In-The-Box restaurant. Hargrave dressed in his work uniform and gained entrance to the restaurant under the guise that he had been called back to work. Once inside, Hargrave distracted two employees while Boggs went through the back door. Boggs and Hargrave then took the three employees into the cooler and shot them several times in the back. After stealing money from the registers and from each victim, Boggs and Hargrave left the store and went to a nearby bank to withdraw money using one of the victim's stolen credit cards. One of the victims managed to crawl to a nearby phone and call police, as well as alert a customer, who also phoned the police. Two days after the murder, Boggs traded the murder weapon for another gun at the Drivers' pawn shop. The Drivers contacted the police, and Boggs was subsequently arrested when police confirmed the gun was the murder weapon from the restaurant.