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Today, many movies boast mind-bending special effects, harrowing stunts and awe-inspiring footage of remote settings in vivid technicolor. But some forget that many of the greatest movies ever made were done simply -- captivating audiences for decades even without something as basic as color.

With this in mind, PrettyFamous, an entertainment data site by Graphiq, ranked the best black and white films ever made. To isolate the greats, PrettyFamous gave a Smart Rating to each movie. This score out of 100 takes into account a movie's Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer and Audience Scores, IMDb rating, Metacritic Metascore, Gracenote rating and its U.S. inflation-adjusted box office gross. Films with less than 10,000 IMDb votes were not considered. In the case of a tie, the movie with a higher IMDb rating, then a higher U.S. inflation-adjusted box office gross was favored.