The Harlem shake, originally called the albee or Al B, is a dance introduced in 1981 by a Harlem resident named Albert Boyce aka "Al B".

The dance is a "drunken shake" and Al B performed the dance with hi arm-flailing during the half-time break in basketball matches at Harlem's Rucker Park, circa 1981. The 'Al B' then grew a following around Harlem, before spreading to neighboring districts and later became known as "The Harlem Shake." It became main stream after G Dep featured the dance in his music video "Let's Get It' in 2001, then in G Dep's video "Special Delivery". It also appeared in Nelly's video for the song "Dilemma".

The Harlem Shake has been imitated hundreds of thousands of times on the net and maybe an estimated millions world-wide.

Associated dances with the Harlem Shake are:

- 'The Chicken Noodle Soup' (DJ Webstar and Young B)

- "Thizzle Dance" (Mac Dre)

In February 2013, DJ Al Baauer's song "Harlem Shake" (originally released May 22, 2012) went viral and became an Internet meme (Harlem Shake meme). This dance is not the Harlem Shake and many are producing videos with this song.



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