With more than 38,000 students, the UA only has capacity for about 5,700 undergraduates and about 300 graduate students in dorms it owns. It also leases the Sky View Apartments, just south of the campus boundary, for 300 more students.

Enrollment is growing and dorms are crowded, sometimes with three to a room and sometimes with students in temporary quarters. The UA turns away more than 400 freshmen from dorms each year.

Two dorm projects on Sixth Street, now under construction, will add about 1,100 beds on campus next school year. One will be for honors students.

But those could be among the last new dorms on campus. The UA is running out of space - and money - to build housing on campus. And new housing in surrounding neighborhoods is causing strife for neighborhood residents who are fighting the growing number of so-called "minidorms."