Think fast: How are you gonna get your child's hair up into a princess bun before school? And, how do you get that cool messy, spiky look?

Those are the requests we get from our kids, so we went to Tullia Salon and Spa to get some help. 

They showed us how to do twists, spikes, waves, top knots and buns that can all be done in just a few minutes.  

Special shout-out to the stylists there — Jessica Figueira, Clover Carbajal and Ami Cunningham — for working with us.

Waves and spikes

First up, Noah Pittenger. He's nine and likes a wave in the front of his hair. For fun, we also asked for tips on spiky hair (kinda like his dad's) and a faux hawk.


Noah Pittenger, a nine-year-old fourth grader, before he had his hair styled by Jessica Figueira, owner of Tulia Salon and Spa.

All you need is a fine-tooth comb or brush and hair product. Jessica Figueira, the owner of the salon, did Noah's hair using pomade, paste and some hair spray to hold it. But, gel or spiking glue can be used instead. 


Paste and Pomade were used to create short spiky and messy styles in Noah Pittenger's hair. 

She said when you're combing short hair, if it won't stay down, it should probably not be combed in that direction. You'll have a much easier time if you comb it in the direction it grows, she said. 

She even showed Noah how to comb and style his hair himself. 


Watch the video below to learn how to create a cool look in just a few easy steps. 

Twists and princess buns

Next up, Lucilia McKisson. She's six and likes "princess hair." She even dressed up for the occasion.

Her mom says she doesn't usually sit still for too long when she tries to do her hair in the mornings. So, quick and easy is key. 


Luci McKisson, a six-year-old who loves princess hair, before getting her fancy new do. 

The stylists used de-tangler, bobby pins, hair ties and hair spray to create pretty up-dos for Lucilia. 

Figueira recommends buying a "wet brush" to painlessly get tangles out. 

"It's the best brush you'll ever buy," she said. 

Mom (and our editor) Irene McKisson, was pretty impressed that her daughter sat as still as she did with no drama during the brushing process. 

Pro tip: If you don't have the bun accessory, get a long sock, cut the toes off, roll it up and wrap it around the pony tail. 

Watch the video to learn how to do a morning bun, twist and high princess bun. 

Angela Pittenger | This Is Tucson