Every Tuesday after practice, Ka’Deem Carey grabs a water bottle, has a quick drink, composes himself and holds “Carey’s Court.”

Topics usually center around football, but he’s been known to talk about a little bit of everything. This week, we had our recorder running when Ka’Deem chatted. Here are some highlights:

On running hungry: “I love to play that way. I love to punish teams, because they’re out to punish me. Why accept the hit when I can deliver the hit? That’s the main reason I run that way.”

On quarterback B.J. Denker having success in the passing game against USC: “It impacts me a lot and this team. Him throwing the ball down the field like he did, I’m excited to see what’s going to happen because now they’re going to see that we have a threat down the field. Toward the end of the game, that’s when I got a little bust in there. That’s going to spread it out a little bit and maybe take another guy out of the box. So we’ll see.”

On the Utah Utes: “They play with heart. They’re not always talked about. They’re not always a Stanford or a Washington. They just play hard and physical.”

On if he gets sore after games: “Last game (at USC), I wasn’t sore, to tell you the truth. I was surprised. Maybe the 21 carries saved me a little. ... The Washington game, I was a little sore.”

On having a home game for the first time in more than a month: “I’m so excited. The fans in this state need it. We need to get out here and have fun and roll around. They don’t see what we built up. We had a great practice today and I’m excited to show Tucson what we’re about now.”

On keeping things positive after back-to-back losses: “Coming off of two losses, we can’t hold our heads down, we have to keep it moving. We’re a good team and things will click. I think they’re already starting to click.”

On his north-south style of running: “I feel like I can’t do a lot of dancing. (Tacklers) are flying at me ... so it’s just hard-nosed football and running down their mouth. Don’t give me that open lane, because I’ll shake you and go get room. Until I get some room, though, I’m downhill.”