■ The mine would generate 55-88 round-trip truck shipments daily, the EIS says. The Barrel Alternative plus expected population growth would generally more than double peak traffic on Arizona 83: total traffic would rise 28 to 43 percent, the EIS says. Annual accidents would rise from an average of 32 to a range of 41 to 46, the report says.

■ To improve road conditions, the Arizona Department of Transportation will lay 3 inches of pavement on Highway 83 from Interstate 10 to the mine access road, at Rosemont’s expense. The company will add turn lanes and road striping, raise guardrails and signs, and pave school bus pullouts. It also will try to minimize deliveries at peak morning and evening hours.

■ Pima County says that’s not enough. It wants passing lanes and paved shoulders to ease congestion and accident risks from slow-moving trucks driving sharp curves and hills. It also says the Forest Service didn’t adequately analyze impacts on nearby Sahuarita, Santa Rita and Valencia roads.