Who: Alan Krasofski, 73, retired

Where: Tucson

When: August 2013

What: After a career spent in the travel industry, Krasofski has seen no sunset to rival Sonoran skies. He retired here eight years ago, settling down after a career that took him to every continent but Antarctica. Now he staycations in Tucson, hiking and soaking in the sunsets that light up local vistas. Every day, weather permitting, he walks about half a mile from his home to a desert trail. Camera in hand, he follows the trail to his favorite spot to see the sunset and surrounding wildlife. And then he watches. “I just absolutely am addicted to sunsets and enjoy the different colors and that every single day is different, especially during monsoon season,” Krasofski said. He has developed a bit of a fan base. Almost every day, Krasofski sends the most recent photos to friends around the world. “I had a friend this morning who lives just a mile or two down the road say that she and her husband were having dinner and watching the sunset last night and knew they would get pictures this morning,” Krasofski said.

How: For years, in his travels around the world, Krasofski used a 35 mm film camera that never gave him the quality he wanted. Now, as he takes classes and learns from other local photographers, his Canon PowerShot SX30 point-and-shoot camera does better for him.