Kaya at Summer at Camp J.

Camp J, Tucson Jewish Community Center

3800 E. River Road, Tucson 85718

(520) 299-3000 x178

Kaya is a charismatic 6-year-old who spent her first summer at Camp J last year and has so much to say about it.

When asked, “Did you learn anything at camp this year?” Kaya doesn’t miss a beat: “To be kind, be safe, to be respectful, and be responsible.” Kaya has a brother with nonverbal, severe autism and while family resources often go to finding places that meet his needs, at The J, parents don’t have to choose.

With generous support from our scholarship fund, Kaya’s family is able to send both children to Camp J.

An $800 tax credit gift covers the financial assistance for half the cost of summer camp for a child.

Kaya is so excited about what she gets to do at camp, you probably wouldn’t imagine all the sacrifices she makes assuming a “big sister” role to older brother Gavin, who is 9.

Gavin has been coming to Camp J for five summers. He loves the water, so his favorite things about Camp J are the pool and the splash pad.

In a world mostly designed for neurotypical families, Kaya and Gavin’s parents truly cherish Camp J, as it meets the needs of both of their very different children, providing them both with a highly enriching summer tailored to their ability levels, while giving mom and dad a bit of a break.

Taking care of the dynamic duo on their own is a 24-hour-a-day challenge that they balance with work life, too.

Without your generous support, Kaya’s family would not be able to afford a camp that suits the diverse needs of both of their children. Kaya would be missing out on the water balloon fights and pizza parties that made her summer so memorable.

And now, The J qualifies for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. As a Qualified Charitable Organization you can make a gift and receive a max credit donation of $400 for singles or $800 for married couples filing jointly. You can effectively direct your tax dollars to the local organizations you care about most.

To watch a video of our interviews with five awesome campers, go to tucsonjcc.org/give

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