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Speech group: Trump blocking Twitter foes

NEW YORK — A free speech group says President Trump is still blocking dozens of people from his Twitter account despite a court’s ruling that doing so violates the First Amendment.

Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute sent a letter Friday to the Justice Department listing 41 people it says are still blocked from the @realDonaldTrump account.

The letter says nearly all of the accounts were blocked after sending tweets critical of Trump or his policies.

U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald ruled in May that people have a right to reply directly to politicians like Trump who use Twitter accounts as public forums for official business.

Buchwald didn’t directly order Trump to unblock users, but he quickly restored access for the seven people suing over the practice.


Architect’s team wins project to build on Mars

LITTLE ROCK — A northwest Arkansas architect is part of a team that has won a NASA competition to build homes on Mars.

Trey Lane of Rogers and two teammates placed first among 19 teams from around the world and received $20,957 from the total prize amount of $100,000.

Lane told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that it’s “amazing to think” a project he’s part of could make exploration of Mars possible.

The project includes using a robot equipped with a 3-D printer, building a compound of homes, laboratories and spaces for exercise, meals and gardening. The buildings will be constructed from materials found on Mars such as ice, calcium oxide and aggregate to create Martian concrete.

Lane said there is no guarantee NASA will actually use the plan, but that the possibility is considered.


4-year-old finds gun in backpack at day care

EDWARDSVILLE — An Illinois man is charged with reckless conduct after authorities say his 4-year-old son found a gun in a backpack his father had brought to him at day care.

The Belleville News-Democrat reported that authorities said 32-year-old Joshua Finley of Maryville packed a “nap time bag” that also contained sheets and blankets, then brought it to a day care in Glen Carbon on July 2. The child opened the bag a few minutes later and found the gun.

The day care told parents the child immediately took the gun to a teacher, and police were called.

It’s unclear why the gun was put into the backpack. Finley could not be reached for comment Saturday. Jail officials said he was not in custody and a listed phone number had been disconnected. Prosecutors didn’t respond to messages seeking comment.


1 wounded, 1 arrested in shooting near dorm

ATLANTA — An early-morning shooting reported outside a Georgia State University dorm left a student with injuries to the face and neck.

Atlanta news media reported one arrest was made following the Saturday morning shooting of the student, whose identity had not been made public as of Saturday afternoon.

Police said the injured student was found in a car around 5 a.m. Saturday near downtown Atlanta. Police said a weapon and a bag of marijuana were found at the scene.

Investigators said the motive is unclear but said the student was part of a group that had just returned to the area after driving around Atlanta. Witnesses told police they heard a discussion about the group going somewhere to use drugs.

One suspect was arrested and taken to the Fulton County Jail.

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